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Welcome to IWKA International

Welcome to the official IWKA International portal. This site offers you direct links to the different IWKA (Internal Wisdom and Knowledge Association) worldwide activities, like our schools, seminars, online academies: Experience Taiji and Experience Internal Wing Chun and its founder Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola.

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The real authentic transmission of the Internal Arts is all about Mastering the Mind, Body and Energy
Sifu Sergio pascal Iadarola

IWKA Mission

The aim of the IWKA is to empower people worldwide and have them reach their true potential through the various arts and unique curriculums that we teach.

The IWKA was founded in 2002 By Sergio Pascal Iadarola and currently has more then a hundred schools in 14 countries.

IWKA Schools

Here you can find our main IWKA Academies and Schools worldwide where our unique IWKA Internal Wing Tjun and IWKA 3 Pillar Yang Taiji Curriculums are being taught.

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Sifu Sergio's shop

The IWKA Shop for Sifu Sergio's Books, His Ip Man Wing Chun DVD series (Leung Ting WT System) and access to the Experience Internal Wing Chun and Experience Taiji online academies.

Best seller

By Sifu Sergio

New online video course !

New Experience Taiji (Three pillars Yang Taijiquan) & Internal Wing Chun video courses

A full program to learn Taiji in Full HD videos.

For under $2 a day, you can invest in yourself, and have access to top-quality instruction with full HD video, online 24/7, wherever you are.

Members group experience.

  • Our private IWKA Members group on Facebook
  • Full training program in HD with subtitles. (soon)
  • Find a partner to train.
  • Find answers to all your training questions.
  • And much more ...

The shop gives you the possibility to tap into Sifu Sergios extensive knowledge into the Ip Man Wing Chun System by means of his best selling Ip Man DVD series.


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