• I know sometimes it looks like people aren't trying and there's plenty of ridiculous videos out there where the supposed 'master' shrugs his shoulders and people go flying but take my word for it that is not the case here. I was at a Sifu Sergio seminar recently along with many others from all different schools and lineages, and he did this to all of us. The best way I can describe it is that Sifu Sergio is literally like a rock sticking out of the ground, immovable which ever direction you push him in. When you roll poon sau you are always off balance, it's as if he takes control of your balance and structure through contact. I was unable to strike or even move my feet to regain balance, it is very disconcerting. He pushed me over even when moving very slowly, you feel and even watch it happening but there is nothing you can do. I have over 20 years experience in Wing Chun (and similar with others at the seminar) and I wasn't able to stand up in front of Sifu Sergio. Very humbling. It really is something you have to feel to believe and understand. Many thanks to Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola for an intensive weekend training, going back to the start and feeling like a beginner again, love it. So much information to process and so much still to learn but inspired by your example! I have met many 'masters' but Sifu Sergio's ability is on another level, he is a true modern master and the encyclopedia of Wing Chun

      - Danny Chu Burn 13/01/2019

  • Having studied worldwide under names like the late Derek Jones, Chu King Hung, Bruce Frantzis and several other well known masters for more then 3 decades I was looking forward to my meeting with Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola, here is what I wrote at the time after my experience. Amazing three hours with Sergio Pascal Iadarola yesterday in Birmingham, at the 2016 Wing Chun gathering in aid of charity. His profound and deep well spring of knowledge on the internal training of Wing Chun, the snake engine, and the cotton body, lost in much modern Wing Chun, was nothing but astounding and genuine. I had heard he was the Encyclopedia of Wing Chun, but that dosent prepare you for the reality of his abilities. I've been involved in Wing Chun for 30 years this year, 32 in Tai Chi, Yoga 27 years. I’ve been teaching Tai Chi with my own humble skills since 1993, Yoga since 1990. I've only come across this skill level twice before with two of my teachers, and I strongly believe Sergio Pascal Iadarola out passes this. I can’t recommend learning from him enough.

      - John Scott Petty 13/01/2019

  • I received today In life, sometimes you meet people who have a profound impact on you because they make you aware of things you previously wouldn't imagine possible. They shift the boundaries in your mind, in your frame of reference. You touch them, and something wonderful happens. I have met many skilful martial artists who were better than me. I consider it a privilege to meet them and consider these as growing opportunities. But not all of these are the same. Not everyone with skill, has the same type of skill. And I feel it is important to be honest about this to myself and others. Today, for only the third time in my life, I had the pleasure of meeting and training with Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola. His ability is truly something special. 2 years ago, he was kind of enough to share with me 2 important things. The first was some of his methods of internal cultivation, methods of developing internal power. He gave me important keys in order to get far more out of my practice. The second was equally important: he inspired me tremendously with a level of skill I didn't use to think was possible. The way he was able to affect me, dominate me in such an effortless way, changed my paradigm of what can be achieved. This was the type of superioryet seemingly effortless attainment I wanted to strive for. The past 2 years, I have been working hard and I am happy with my progress on my path. Yet today, touching hands with Sergio yet again, the same thing as two years ago happened, but possibly evenstronger. I might have been growing and progressing somewhat, but it is amazing to see how Sifu Sergio has improved. It is truly awesome, in the literal sense that it fills me with awe. There might be many skilful martial artists, but it is truly rare to find someone who can so totally and utterly control you from the instant you touch. Light as a feather, heavy as a mountain. Once again, Sifu Sergio helped me generously to help me in my path, giving me more clarity tools which will certainly improve my progress.

      - Pablo Tenret 13/01/2019

  • I have dedicated my life to the martial arts and particularly Wing Chun. After 30 years of daily training, travelling the world and researching, I would be the first to say I’m hard to please. So to recommend another teacher’s work means I highly respect what they have done on many levels. Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola has all the qualities that one should have as a martial artist and teacher of the highest level. He is always learning, researching and improving. Sergio is one of the very few to have completed in-depth research of Wing Chun but also has attained the real practical skills of the art as well, so I highly recommend this work to you.

      - Sifu Alan Orr 13/01/2019

  • I have been practicing martial arts for 34 years. My background is in boxing, kickboxing, MMA and Wing Chun.When I first met sifu Sergio Pascal IadarolaI had been practicing Wing Chun for 13 years and reached instructor level. When I touched hands with sifu Sergio I instantly noticed that his methods was something I had never experienced before. Sifu Sergio made me feel like I was stuck to him. It was like been caught in a giant spiders web. He was able to control my Centre of Equilibrium on contact. It felt like he had control of my body and could bounce me around and move me like a rag doll with relative ease. I was truly humbled by his method and skilllevel.I later became a private student of sifu Sergio and a member of IWKA. His teachings has been amazing. The IWKA curriculum is an in-depth fully integrated internal system that has upgraded my skills and knowledge in Wing Tjun.I highly recommendthat people meet sifu Sergio and touch hands with him, or some of his senior students before judging him, or his system.As someone who has been involved in martial arts for a long time and has competed in boxing, kickboxing and and MMA; I can honestly say that IWKA Wing Tjun is an amazing practical and functional fighting system that also has great benefits to ones health and well-being.

      - Jason Sylvester 13/01/2019

  • I was part of the IWKA for some years learning and teaching Wing Chun when the Association was still known as the International Wing Tjun Kung Fu Association. As my interest in the Internal arts grew and there was a Taijiquan school close to my house here in Phuket I started to immerse myself deeply into Yang Taijiquan and left Wing Chun and the IWKA behind. little did I know that a mere 6 years later I would be back, I should have known that my Sifu Sergio Iadarola does what he always does going all out in his research and studies resulting him studying the Internal arts almost full time under some of the worlds Top internal stylists in New Zealand, Taiwan, Singapore, Mainland China and Canada to really up his skill level in Taijiquan that he started himself in 2003
    After around 6 years I met my former Wing Chun Sifu again and thought that with my intensive private studies of Taijiquan here in Phuket I would suprise him a lot, but nothing could have been further from the truth as he litteraly blew me away resulting in me becoming his Yang Taiji disciple. Furthermore and not a point to be taken lightly I know Sifu Sergio teaches from the heart holding no information back. Sharing all he knows with his Indoor students, combine this openness with his relentless drive to research and becoming the best he can be I decided to put my weight behind the IWKA and back it up with my Bone Setting Skills, Chinese medicine expertise and Advanced Medical Center in Phuket Thailand.

      - Dr Gerald Tur. 02/03/2019

  • Sifu Sergio will be long remembered after most masters have been long forgotten. If you get a chance to train with him, I highly recommend his instruction.

      - Mark Rasmus 18/04/2019

  • I have been practicing Wing Chun since 10 years, I mainly practiced the Ip Man / Leung Ting lineage and the Law / Snake Crane Wing Chun lineage. I have been able to practice with many other lineages during seminars and trips to China and Hong Kong. It is now 1 year since I started the online courses of Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola, and I am learning a lot because it brings me new perspectives on the practice of Wing Chun that I have not found anywhere else. It is like a compilation of all that I have been able to learn for 10 years but with a new regard and clearer than ever. The 1700's Siu Lin Tao form based on the Kuen Kuit is really very rich in teaching and its practice can only complement all Wing Chun practioners of any lineage. The research work of Sifu Sergio on the composition of Wing Chun by the Fujian White Crane and Emei 12 Zhuang is quite simply impressive and brings me a lot on my way of practicing. The approach is very educational and allows work alone and work with partners which is even richer in terms of work. I would like to thank Sifu Sergio for all his work which enriches the world of Wing Chun so much.

      - Gregory Narboux 13/05/2020

  • Big hug from Hong Kong Although my main focus has been on Yoga, Buddhism and Natural Healing, Taijiquan has accompanied me for 28 years of my life. It was only in the last two years in Sifu Sergio's Experience Taiji Online Academy that I was able to clarify my open questions. I found the 3 Pillar Yang Taiji curriculum to be the clearest, most structured and scientific way to cultivate my body in the best possible way, consistent with my previous practice. What seems outstanding to me is Sifu Sergio's ability to show every term and stage of the aimed progress with the important keypoints, in this way sharing his own path of learning with the right understanding and humility towards his students. Likewise, the transparency of the sources and shared wisdom and knowledge, on which the Three Pillar Yang Taiji Curriculum is based seems very special to me.The energy created through the mentioned points, in my subjective experience, are love, wisdom and power. A continuous process on a physical, emotional/mental and energetic level- information, absorption, differentiation, integration, application and manifestation on which there is little room for an egoistic attitude. So to me Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola is a living example of inner martial arts, who lives what he communicates in an authentic and generous way, about mastering Body, Mind and Energy. Thank you for your dedication and showing what hard work and real progress mean!

      - David Kumara 11/04/2022

  • Touching words from Sifu Graziano Di Giorgio My experience with Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola at the Eternal Spring institute. Before I get into details let me make a brief introduction about myself, I began with Leung Ting Wing Tsun in 1992 and have been training now for 31 years in this Art. 10 years after I started from 2002 until 2011 I switched to the IWKA under Sifu Sergio as his skills impressed me and my buisness partner at the time and of course because he had been a private student of GM Leung Ting in Hong Kong. From 2003 til 2011 I was even the chief instuctor for the IWKA in Germany and a private student of Sifu Sergio. In 2011 my former partner decided to leave the IWKA and set up his own association, I left Sifu Sergio with him to pursue our own journey , studying under different other Sifu’s and even some Chinese Grandmasters directly. Nevertheless I always kept contact and a good relationship with Sifu Sergio. We started up Kung4U and the IMAA, and being one of the chief instructors and owners felt good. The idea was to bring all wing tsun|chun|tjun and other martial arts to train harmonical and hard and raise the overall standard together in the Wing Chun community. I however kept following Sifu Sergio on social media regarding what he was doing, and became very curious seeing him always in Taiwan going to China, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada etc to study the Internal arts under different Sifu’s. I slowly started to chat a bit with Sifu Sergio again and asked him for his advice regarding several personal things. Eventually he invited me to Madeira to visit him at his newly set up Eternal Spring institute I hesitated at first but eventually I decided to visit Sifu. Well what followed was not what I expected and it just plain simpel shocked me to my Core After nearly 11 years not seeing Sifu Sergio in person I was warmly greeted and welcomed in his home as though I never left him. After a long talk and sharing past moments and memories together, Sifu showed me some footage of different old masters, and some private footage of himself training with his Sifu’s in Asia and around the world. To be honest I could not really believe what I was seeing, at times It seemed very unrealistic and to be honest I thought it was Fake and that Sifu Was holding back and playing along. I told this to Sifu with al my Respect and he only said Graziano I will show you tomorrow what this is all about. Next day after breakfast we started with some form and explanation from Sifu and it became already a bit clear that leaving him might not have been such a clever move as I had thought it too be at the time in 2011. But nothing could have prepared me for what came next, the first touch after nearly 11 years was the biggest shock in my Martial arts career up till then, the incredible effortless power and energy transfer was like nothing I experienced yet, I tried everything to show and make Sifu understand that I trained very hard the last decade with my trainings partner and students but everything I tried was just completely useless he felt sometimes Soft like touching a cloud and sometimes as hard and powerful as reinforced concrete and sometimes all of that at the same time! It’s really really hard to explain it in words if you have not felt it yourself. We proceeded to free Chi Sao and sparring but really nothing worked I felt like somebody who had never practiced Wing Chun before in my life this blew my mind so extremely and like I said before nothing could have prepared me for this experience, nothing. The fluent movement, the absorption of every kind of attack and the explosive return in a blink of an eye were so powerful it was like fighting with the Sea fighting fighting with big Tidal waves, honestly I was in total shock and had to take a break and sit down. During the following days I experienced stuff that could have come straight out of a Shaw Brothers Kung Fu movie I will spare you the details as it sounds just too unbelievable and it really is only possible to believe through own direct experience. Most important for me was that Sifu accepted me back as his student and started to train me in the 1700s Internal Wing Chun system, and Fujian White Crane. All the teachings I received up till now are so deep its just Kung Fu on another level. I honestly thought and was convinced that after 3 decades of training and teaching I understood a little bit of what Martial Arts was about and of course I do to a certain extend but I realise now that there is a whole other world out there, I am hungry to learn more and I'm looking so forward to do so. One thing I want to mention is that a lot of Sifu’s out there running their own associations where taught by Sifu Sergio in the past and Some are still studying under him now some do it openly and some prefer to stay anonymous. I advised sifu to stop doing that as Credit should be given where Credit is due, I am Grateful for the opportunity to study again under him and happy that I was humbled, without his guidance and teachings I would not have been where I am now. His unstoppable drive to research, train and share his findings with his students while holding nothing back with such dedication and from his heart is in my view very rare. Graziano Di Giorgio

      - Graziano Di Giorgio 26/03/2023