Kam Na

Kam Na 2: Joint Locks, Chokes, Neck Cranks and Takedowns

Sifu Sergio - Kam Na 2 - Joint Locks, Chokes, Neck Cranks and Takedowns

Imagine being able to control and lock every opponent and make him feel like he's in jail.

DVD Contents:
You will learn the techniques and concepts formerly only taught to inside members of the Siu Lam (Chi Sim) Wing Chun Kung Fu family!

Become a expert in the jointlocks of Kung Fu
. Become a expert in these Chinese chokes, neck cranks and takedowns
. The secrets of grabbing and controlling
. Learn a combination of a choke and a armlock from which nobody can escape
. Learn the 4 principles of the rear naked choke
. The push and pull concept of the Southern Shaolin temple
. Learn the best takedown from the front and behind your opponent
. And much, much more!