10 Wisdoms

The 10 Wisdoms Series: The Spirit

Sifu Sergio - The Spirit

"Discover your true self and unleash your real hidden potential."

FROM: Fearful TO: Kung Fu Grandmaster
FROM: A man who gets nothing done TO: A man who gets things done
FROM: Poverty and debt TO: Wealthy
FROM: Teaching a small Kung Fu class twice a week TO: Chief instructor of a worldwide martial arts association with thousands of members

Sifu Sergio speaks about the power of the spirit

DVD Contents:
- Learn to control your destiny
- Never feel depressed again
- Discover your real hidden potential
- Learn to create your future
- Discover the secret to accumulate anything you want
- Why some people rise to stardom and some end up as failures
- Learn how to use mantras to power yourself up
- Learn the power of attraction, become a magnet for success
- Learn about space, energy and gravity
- The one way to make sure everything you think and say will happen
- And much, much more!

The time to change your life can be now.