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The Secret of Chinese Chain Punching

Sifu Sergio - The Secret of Chinese Chain-Punching Kung Fu

Imagine bare-knuckle punching that feels like machine-gun fire!

Introducing the secrets of Chinese chain-punching Kung Fu. It is the ultimate self-defense system, and definitely not for sport.

DVD Contents:
You will learn the techniques and concepts formerly only taught to inside members of the Chi Sim Wing Chun Kung Fu family!

. Specialized training to dramatically improve your punching power
. The places on the body to hit and the places to avoid hitting
. To be absolutely safe and protected from all counterstrikes the opponent may launch at you
. The three secrets of punching
. How and when to use the Ying chain punching and Yang chain punching. This information is crucial - without it you're lost
. The three gates, left and right theory
. The three bridging concepts of the Southern Shaolin temple. This information is worth the price of the DVD alone
. See the amazing arm elongation power of the old masters
. The real centerline theory
. The difference between a fighting principle and a fighting concept
. The push and pull concept of the Southern Shaolin temple
. Special chain-punching partner excercise
. And much, much more!