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Ip Man Series: 116 Wooden Dummy

Sifu Sergio - Ip Man Series: 116 Wooden Dummy Form Tutorial

Learn Ip Man's last version of the wooden dummy techniques, shot on location in China.

Dear Friend,

For several months I got many requests to convince Sifu Sifu Sergio, the GM of the IWKA to launch a DVD about the 116 wooden dummy techniques. The 116 wooden dummy techniques of the late GM Ip Man is the last version Of the dummy form he taught during his lifetime. In it you find you will discover the most refined version of the dummy form The late GM Ip man came up with.

It's also the form that includes the once secret kicking techniques such as the cross stamping kick. In May 2010 Sifu Paul Hawkes (former chief instructor for the EWTO Great Britain) and his student Dave Bright came to take private lessons in Sifu Sergio's Asian IWKA headquarter in Shenzhen China. It was there and then that I saw a change of convincing Sifu Sergio of putting on DVD, more than 1.5 hours of his tutorial on the wooden dummy.

So I am extremely proud to be able to share this wealth of knowledge. Not only the techniques but in this double DVD set you will also find an amazing part about the history and different versions of the wooden dummy. As we all know Sifu Sergio is probably one of the most knowledgeable Wing Chun masters in the world.

And for the people familiar with his YouTube channel, his research into the different lineages is second to none.
This is YOUR chance to learn the set from the man they call the encyclopedia of Wing Chun.

On this double DVD you will learn about:
the plum flower footwork
the different lineages using the wooden dummy
the wall mounted wooden dummy and the original one
the history of the wooden dummy
the eight sections of the form in a private tutorial
the latest version of the dummy techniques that the late GM Yip Man taught during the last period of his life
And much, much more!

Sifu Sergio is one of only two western persons who are certified as master by the successor and grand master of the Siu Lam (Chi Sim) Wing Tjun style of Grandmaster Cheng Kwong as well as having completely finished the Yip Man Wing Tjun Kung Fu system in 2001 under Grandmaster's Leung Ting and Grandmaster Allan Fong.

In my words I call it "the difference demonstrated". Enjoy!