Zhan Zhuang

Taught in many of our IWKA Academies Worldwide, Zhan Zhuang can be translated as Standing like a stake its also know as Standing post or Standing Meditation.

The Zhan Zhuang lies at the base of many of the Chinese Internal martial arts systems and its benefits for health, wellbeing and development of Internal Power are numerous, ... Zhan Zhuang is also found in Tang Yick Weng Chun and the beginning of 1700’s Siu Lin Tau set.

Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola studied the art of Zhan Zhuang under several teachers in China, Taiwan and Canada.

In the IWKA Zhuang Zhuang is taught in 5 versions (note: the different postures are not meant by this) one for Health purposes only and 4 versions for martial purposes divided into :

1. Health Zhan Zhuang
2. Melting Man Zhuang Zhuang (Mainly for Song, Cai and root development)
3. Balloon Man Zhan Zhuang ( mainly to develop Huan Yan Li/Wan Yuen Lik, Yi and Qi)
4. The Iron Buddha (Iron wrapped in Cotton)
5. Ji Ji Zhuang or Fighting postures Zhan Zhuang