Internal Wing Chun

The IWKA Wing Tjun syllabus is based on the research and studies Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola absolved worldwide during the last 30 years during his studies of several Wing Chun Kuen lineages in Europe, Hong Kong Mainland China and USA. Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola holds several master levels in diverse lineages like the Leung Ting WT lineage, Cheng Kwong’s Siu Lam Ving Tsun and Tang Yick Weng Chun... He also studied the Yuen Kay San lineage in-depth and had the opportunity to briefly study under Fung Chun of Dr Leung Jan’s Gu Lao lineage and not forgetting the countless research trips he did for his Sifu Sergio Youtube Channel where he travelled and interacted with lineages in Malaysia and Vietnam as well. All his intensive work earned Sifu Sergio the name of “the Living Wing Chun Encyclopedia” by Wing Chun illustrated magazine in 2013. But there was more work to be done. The last lineage he delved into during his 3 decades of studies and research into the Wing Chun Kuen system was the lineage passed down from Ng Mui and Mui Shun the fusion of Fujian White Crane and Emei Zhe Zhuang at the end of the 1700’s. The unique set that came out of this fusion the 1700’s Siu Lin Tau (little training) not to be mistaken with the Siu Nim Tau (little idea) is taught in a variety of ways among different lineages. Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola reconstructed the internals of the 1700’s set while leaving the exact same choreography in tact as was taught to him. This was done by studying the ancestor lineages of Fujian White Crane and Emei Zhe Zhuang himself and in-depth study of the Kuen Kuit (fist poetry) of the set with some of his internal teachers, this led to what we consider to be one of the most complete and authentic Internal Wing Chun transmissions available today.

In the unique IWKA Wing Tjun syllabus the students are taught the system through 12 student levels, 4 technician level, 4 practician levels and 2 grandmaster levels, the curriculum is set up to bring the student from the external to the internal and based on the total abandonment of external force or lik and transforming the body into using the original Wing Chun Kuen engine based on Ging.

The union of several lineages into one very clear and progressive system makes the IWKA Wing Tjun system unique, under the skilled guidance of Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola it produces an extremely deep and complete system which produces results unmatched anywhere else, leading the student from beginner through the door of the authentic internals all the way to the higher levels of Wing Chun Kuen.